A unique microporous synthetic sheet, Teslin TS1000 substrate is a preferred material in applications where extraordinary durability, ease of printing and excellent aesthetics are  critical, such as menus, driver’s licenses, customer loyalty cards/keytags and graphic labels.

Waterproof, tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant.

Teslin's microporous nature enables inks, toners, adhesives and laminating films to form anchor points within the sheet structure, resulting in durable images and superior bonding of laminating films to the Teslin substrate.

Printable via conventional and digital imaging technologies

Teslin is printable IN BOTH SIDES via laser, digital press, inkjet, offset, flexography, gravure, screen print, letterpress and thermal transfer technologies.
Cards are composed of two parts:
Insert = Here you print the logo, photo, and variable data
Pouch = A laminating film to protect and give strength.
After printing, the insert is placed inside the pouch, and heat laminated.

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