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HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob, open format

HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob, open format (7 WEEKS LEAD TIME - ALTERNATIVE BELOW)

HID 1346 ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob, open format


Global chip shortage has affected production of the HID 1346 - we offer as an alternative the | Identiv 4082 Key Fob |, with similar dimensions and performance (money-back guaranteed), made in the US and with a lead time of 5 days.


The HID ProxKey III is a 125Khz keyfob offering HID proximity technology in a convenient, pocket size device. It easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. 

The HID ProxKey III is built to withstand harsh operating environments or handling.

The HID ProxKey III replaces the legacy HID ProxKey II key fob, providing an improved antenna an a new round form factor.

ProxKey II - Proxkey II equivalences:

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1346LSSMN    1346LNSMN
1346LSSNN    1346LNSNN

The ProxKey III is suited for use in access control applications where a Photo ID is not required.


  • Small enough to fit on a key ring.
  • Universal compatibility with HID proximity readers.
  • Can be placed on a key ring for convenient entry.
  • Lifetime warranty.
1.555 x 1.25 x 0.235 inches max (3.95 x 3.18 x 0.60 cm)

The ProKey III is compatible with 125Khz readers such as ProxPoint ,MiniProx, MaxiProx, ThinLine, ProxPro, and some configurations of MultiCLASS and Signo.

This is a custom order item; no cancellations or returns. Lead time to ship 1 week. Minimum order: 100 keyfobs.