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HID 1444 MIFARE 4K Keyfob

HID 1444 MIFARE 4K Keyfob

HID 1444 MIFARE 4K Keyfob


The rugged HID MIFARE Keyfob is ideally suited for a variety of applications and environments. These include vacation resorts, health spas, apartment buildings, club houses, as well as commercial offices where photo IDs are not required. The RF-programmable keyfob features the high quality and security benefits customers appreciate in HID FlexSmart 13.56 MHz MIFARE credentials. The Keyfob permits the encoding of a wide range of data and information. Securely separated sectors, each protected by a set of two keys and programmable access conditions, allow complex applications and provide for future expansion. Minimum order 100 keyfobs.

Typical Maximum Read Range*
Up to 2" (5.0 cm)

1.725" x 1.197" x 0.215"
(4.38 cm x 3.04 cm x 0.55 cm)

Card Construction 
Molded Polycarbonate, matte blue

Memory Type
EEPROM, 4 KBytes (32,768 bits)

Multi-Application Memory
MIFARE 4K: memory arranged in 40 sectors: 32 sectors of 64 bytes, 8 sectors of 256 bytes.

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