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HID 2104 iCLASS 32k Composite Smart Card

HID 2104 iCLASS 32k Composite Smart Card

HID 2104 iCLASS 32k Composite Smart Card


Key features of the 2104 iCLASS Smart Card:

  • 32k Bits (4K Bytes) Application areas 16k/16+16k/1
  • Composite 40% Polyester / PVC body
  • 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology provides high-speed, reliable communications with high data integrity and powerful access control.
  • iCLASS technology ensures high security access control with mutual authentication between card and reader, encrypted data transfer, 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capability.
  • Meets ISO standards for thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers.
  • Offers the ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, anti-counterfeiting features, custom artwork, or photo ID.
  • Supports all existing HID card formats, including Corporate 1000.
  • Supports field programming of any existing HID format into the secure HID access control application area on the card.
  • More powerful, versatile and secure access control.
  • Provides versatile interoperability in applications like access control, network log-on security, cashless vending and many other areas
  • Note: 2001 16kbit card has been replaced by 2003 32kbit
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