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HID Asure ID Solo 7 Card Software

HID Asure ID Solo 7 Card Software

HID Asure ID Solo 7 Card Software



HID Asure ID 86411 Solo Software Description


Asure ID Solo 7 is an entry level ID card software that provides you with quick, simple card design and printing tools. It offers a user-friendly interface, two-sided card design and printing, and basic built-in database functionality with Microsoft Access. Asure ID Solo 7 is the ideal software solution for organizations creating basic photo IDs.

An intuitive, Microsoft Office-inspired interface
While Asure ID Solo 7 is powerful and feature-rich, it's also easy to use! The Microsoft Office-inspired interface shortens the learning curve and makes photo ID card design and data entry a snap! Frequently-used features are within easy reach on the Microsoft "ribbon"-inspired toolbar, while tabbed navigation allows you to easily switch between card design and data entry. Asure ID Solo 7 features simplified processes to make capturing and loading photos easy. You also have the flexibility to add features such as a 1-D barcode or magnetic stripe to store information specific to the cardholder.

User-friendly design tools
Keep your workspace organized with pop-out control palettes that allow you to hide colors and attributes until they are needed. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) display shows you exactly how your card will look when printed. Asure ID Solo 7 software even "remembers" where you left; at startup, Asure ID will load the last template you used.

Data at your fingertips (internal database)
Asure ID 7 Solo includes a built-in Microsoft Access database that allows you to store your templates and cardholder data. You can easily populate card data fields directly from the internal database. Plus, a Quick Filter option allows you to quickly access any field within the database. (Note: Asure ID Solo software has an internal Access database with a 200-record limit.)

Automatic notification of updates
With Asure ID 7 Solo, you'll stay up-to-date with automatic notifications of free software updates. With this, your ID software will never be outdated and you'll always have access to the latest features.

Easy to upgrade
When your needs grow, simply upgrade to the Asure ID Express, Enterprise or Echange editions for added features and functionality.