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HID MID-SUB-T100 One Year User License for HID Origo Mobile Identities

HID MID-SUB-T100 One Year User License for HID Origo Mobile Identities

HID MID-SUB-T100 One Year User License for HID Origo Mobile Identities



HID Global is leading innovation with its award-winning HID Mobile Access solution that enables organizations to answer end-user demand for convenience and facility and IT demands for security. Extending access control functionality to mobile devices a llows end-users to securely and conveniently access the workplace using their smart device, from the parking gate to the door, to the network and more. HID Mobile Access supports the widest variety of mobile devices in the industry today.
HID Global's Mobile IDs are the vehicle to protect identity data for various applications. With a primary focus on the access control market, Mobile IDs offer a privacy-preserving model to protect personal identification data from unauthorized access.
Provisioned over-the-air to the end-user device, Mobile IDs are based on industry standard technology. Seos technology keeps identity data secure during the lifecycle of the Mobile ID. Versatile by design, Mobile IDs can also be assigned with comprehensive policie s to comply with the majority of customer requirements.

A cloud service that provides trusted Mobile Identities for authentication to physical access and extended applications in the workplace.

  • SIO standard (Secure Identity) based system. Not only is it an application, but it is also a secure platform.
  • Fully software-based, independent platform.
  • TAP function: place your smartphone in front of the reader.
  • Twist & Go functions: movement intensity detection of the smartphone in Bluetooth with a range of up to 10 m.
  • Manage all virtual cards in the Origo HID portal (you must create an account beforehand).

Solution Components:

  1. ORIGO Web Portal for the administration of MOBILE IDENTITIES.
  2. MOBILE IDENTITY (Virtual Card) sent by the cloud through an email.
  3. APP MOBILE ACCESS, the application on the smartphone where the Mobile Identity is stored. (Compatible with Android 4.3+ or iOS 7+)
  4. HID Signo BLUETOOTH READER : Signo 20NKS-01-000000, 40KNKS-01-000000