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iCLASS 5005 Seos 16Kb Contactless Composite PVC Smart Card

iCLASS 5005 Seos 16Kb Contactless Composite PVC Smart Card

iCLASS 5005 Seos 16Kb Contactless Composite PVC Smart Card


Order iCLASS Seos for the highest security level with the maximum portability of your credentials onto other form factors (such as an NFC enabled phone).
HID Global's iCLASS® Seos™ composite smart card is a high frequency smart card with physical and logical access control solutions for increased security, privacy and portability. As a secure, standards-based technology to manage and authenticate identities, the open-design credential can be used for physical and logical access control, cashless vending, transit and a variety of other applications; it can also be used across multiple form factors including Near Field Communications (NFC) smartphones and other mobile devices. The iCLASS Seos will work only with ICLASS SE readers.

Benefits of the 500x high frequency smart card:

  • iCLASS Seos application is portable to a variety of media, including microprocessor cards and smartphones for mobile access.
  • Versatile, highly configurable data model with support for one or multiple SIOs per application, providing individual protection of each application's identity data.
  • Extended smart card read range for increased performance.
  • Large memory space for demanding applications.
  • High throughput smart card that leverages a secure microprocessor.
  • High resistance to common attacks (man in the middle, replay attacks and others).
  • Long-lasting smart card solution using composite card body construction.
  • Available with a large range of options for customization (magnetic stripe, custom artwork, counterfeiting features, and a full set of programming formats for contactless smart cards).

Typical Maximum Read Range> 3-4' (depending on reader used)

Card Construction: Composite Polyester/PVC

Memory Characteristics

  • EEPROM, read/write with 16 KB for data storage
  • Data Retention: 20 years