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Polka Dot 5/8

Polka Dot 5/8" Lanyards with Trigger Hook and Split Ring

Polka Dot 5/8


These polka dot 5/8" (16mm) flat, breakaway lanyards feature a funky array of colored dots, guaranteed to attract attention. 

Made of flat, smooth polyester, each lanyard features a mixture of colored and black dots laid on top of a white background.

Four different lanyard patterns are available:

2138-7283: Blue and black polka dots
2138-7284: Green and black polka dots
2138-7288: Pink and black polka dots
2138-7289: Purple and black polka dots

These lanyards also feature a white safety breakaway, meaning they can be used in active environments without concerns about snares and tangles.

Two end fittings, a trigger hook and a split key ring, give you options with what you attach to the lanyard, allowing you to put a slotted ID card, badge or set of keys on the end.

Other part numbers: Y4267070