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SkimSAFE Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve, Open Front, Single Card

SkimSAFE Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve, Open Front, Single Card

SkimSAFE Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve, Open Front, Single Card



Protect your TWIC credential, PIV card, or CAC badge from damage or information theft.
Silence your Card with a SkimSAFE, available in four easy-to-use models.

Certain RFID cards are susceptible to "skimming" fraudsters because they transmit signals to any reader, anytime. In close proximity to you, a thief with a card reader could capture your card's data for duplication later. This can happen even through your purse or wallet. Unless you secure the card with a silencing sleeve like SkimSAFE, you could be asking for trouble in the form of identity theft, security breach, or worse. Although the convenience of contactless cards is superior to magnetic stripes and barcodes, the inherent fraud risks are higher.

SkimSAFE is a totally new electromagnetically secure badge holder. Unlike other RFID blocking products, its simple one-piece design is totally safe, reliable and easy to use. SkimSAFE holders are available in multiple colors to fit your individual need. Keep your CAC, PIV, TWIC, Smart and RFID card safe from skimming devices with the SkimSAFE secure line of badge holders.

How Do They Work?

SkimSAFE products are FIPS 201 approved Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeves affording the user protection against unauthorized signal transmission to and from the inserted cards or credentials. The holder accepts ONE card (dual card models available). Cards are protected from skimming when they are docked in the holder. The holder contains a material that blocks the transmission of RFID signals to and from the inserted card(s). Cards may be read at a physical access point or workstation by sliding the card slightly downward, releasing the card from the blocking shield.

Origin: Made in the USA
Choice of Colors: Blue, Transparent Charcoal Gray, Black
Cards Accepted: Any Credit Card Sized (ISO7810) Card will fit
Material: Rigid Impact-Resistant Plastic
Universal Fit: Accepts Vertical & Horizontal ID Cards
Lightweight: Only 0.3 to 0.7 ounces each, depending on the model you choose
Protects: HID iClass, LincPass, PIV, CAC, TWIC and other High-Frequency RFID Credentials


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